three-dimensional geometric transformations


a cube translated to
a space lattice
multiple translations
of an icosahedron
cube translations
icosahedron translations


multiple glide-reflections
of a tetrahedron over a plane
halfturn and reflect a cube
successive reflections
in three planes
glide reflections tetrahedron
halfturn reflect cube
reflect octahedron 3 planes


successive twists
fall along a helix
twist a cube around a cube
successive halfturns
in two skew lines
twist cube helix
twist cube cube
halfturn cube 2 skew lines


successive reflections
in parallel planes
successive reflections
in intersecting planes
reflections parallel planes
reflections intersecting planes


successive halfturns
in two parallel lines
successive halfturns
in three perpendicular lines
halfturns 2 parallel lines
halfturns 3 perpendicular lines

central inversions

successive reflections
in three perpendicular planes
a tetrahedron
and its central inversion
reflections 3 perpendicular planes
tetrahedron central inversion