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  • To understand what you get with the integrals, check out the free step-by-step derivatives.
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How to Buy a Password

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  3. You get a shared temporary password to use right away.
  4. Later, you will get a unique permanent password.
  5. Write it down in your math book!

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Using Your Password

  1. Go to the integrals page, the curve sketching page, or the matrix algebra page.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Enter your function or your matrix and operation.
  4. Press the "Do it" button.
  5. You will see the step-by-step solution in a few seconds.
  6. Your account will be debited for one solution.
  7. Print or save the answer for future reference.
  8. You can then do another problem or come back again later.

If you have trouble entering functions, take a look at the sample inputs in the stored examples off the home page.

It is very simple to get your answers once you are used to the right input style.

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